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4 Far Cry Settings Ubisoft Didn't Consider


4 Far Cry Settings Ubisoft Didn't Consider

Ubisoft didn’t ask people for the best ideas in their recent Far Cry 4 survey. Here’s the settings they forgot.

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It’s common knowledge now that Ubisoft have asked Far Cry 4 players for their opinions on settings for the next entry in the series. The ideas they throw up, while pretty cool, lack a certain joie de vivre. People have clamored for dinosaurs in Far Cry since the very first title and every single freaking franchise in the history of the world seems to have zombie these days.

Why should Far Cry fans be pushed into selecting possible settings that everyone expects? Surely Ubisoft, who have published a handful of the most imaginative titles to hit gaming platforms in the past few years, could do something completely off the wall and crazy to scratch a smile onto the face of every Far Cry player from here to Shangri-La.

What if you don’t fancy the idea of a Far Cry game set in the wild west, or the idea of vampires sucking the blood from honey badgers doesn’t really get your loins a-flaming? Well, don’t fret. We have a selection of four possible settings for the next Far Cry that are a little more off-the-wall than those Ubisoft asked about in their survey.

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