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Destiny 1 Guide: How to Beat Crota’s End


Destiny 1 Guide: How to Beat Crota’s End

Crota’s End is the newest high-level Destiny challenge. Here is how to claim victory.

It has been almost two weeks since Bungie has released The Dark Below, Destiny‘s first expansion. With it came a new level cap, new gear, new missions and most importantly: a brand new raid. Crota’s End sends you and five friends to the deepest recesses of the moon to take down the most powerful hive enemy you will ever face. It will test not only your ability to solve puzzles, but also push you to your limits as you try and survive the largest hordes of enemies the game has thrown at you so far.

Of course, before you set out to write your name in the history of Destiny raids, you will need to prepare yourself and your fireteam. Crota’s End is a serious challenge so entering the fray ill-prepared is not advised. You want to ensure the best chances for success by bringing the best tools and party members you can gather. Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly retry a section only to realize that you left the perfect weapon or piece of armor in your vault.

Once you’re prepared it’s time for you and your fireteam to embark on your mission. Crota’s End can best be looked at when broken down into four sections: tunnels, bridge, deathsinger, and Crota. For that reason, this guide will tackle each of the four individually since they all require different strategies.

It should also be mentioned that this guide will contain no exploits. Practicing the proper way to complete the raid will help you in the long run. Most exploits get patched immediately and knowing how to do the raid in full will prove beneficial once the heroic option becomes available.

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