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Your Guide to Every Weapon in Far Cry 4


Your Guide to Every Weapon in Far Cry 4


For the most part, sidearms in Far Cry 4 consist of pistols and small submachine guns. There are a couple of surprises within however, and they can pack quite a punch.

Mark IV

This weapon is meat and potatoes. Its rate of fire is slow, but you could hammer nails all day with this thing and it’ll cut dead center every time.


This is a vintage pistol from the 1920s. It’s not spectacular by any means, but it’s overall a decent early weapon. As a bonus, it looks like something you’d find in a BioShock game.


The 1911 is your basic pistol. It’s dependable and handy to have as a backup, but I guarantee you’ll seek out other sidearms before long.


Nostalgic for something that 007 would carry? Try this; a small Russian-made pistol tailor-made for a silencer attachment.

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