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Destiny Mythbusters Confirm Odd Warlock Flaw and More


Destiny Mythbusters Confirm Odd Warlock Flaw and More

Can you have two Ward of Dawn shields out at the same time? How many different ways can you gut enemies with your Sparrow? All this and more is scientifically proven by the Destiny Mythbusters, YouTubers on a mission to separate Destiny fact from fiction.

First they tested the lethality of the Sparrow by both running over enemies and sending an unmanned vehicle flying towards foes. Both techniques proved successful in damaging the enemy. Confirmed.

Next they spent some time confirming that aiming while behind cover will make your character peek over. This is a pretty common tactic in FPS titles, and we’re not sure if this was a widely questioned skill. Nonetheless, it’s a useful tip.

Following cover testing, the team wondered whether the Guardian class shield, Ward of Dawn, effectively stacks. Answer: no. Make sure to stagger your Wards during raids for efficient protection.

The most talked over myth since the video’s release is the ability to avoid Warlock Axiom Bolt damage by simply sitting down. The homing grenade would usually be a KO on direct hit. By planting your butt directly onto the planet, the Axiom Bolt is unable to home in properly, and will defeatedly explode over your head, mitigating some of the direct-hit damage you would have received otherwise.

To wrap up the video, the Destiny Mythbusters found that you can indeed kill a Hobgoblin while their thermal shield is up.

The series will be a weekly exploration of Destiny myths, so check in next week for more fun. If you have any suggestions for future myth testing subjects, leave a comment on their YouTube video page.


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