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Destiny Queen's Wrath Event Guide


Destiny Queen's Wrath Event Guide

Minor story spoiler ahead…

It’s been two weeks since Bungie has released Destiny to gamers all over the world. Last week they opened the Vault of Glass for guardians to test their mettle. This week they aim to draw players back in once again with the newest event: Queen’s Wrath.

Since its release many have been complaining about the drop rate for legendary items in Destiny. Queen’s Wrath looks to alleviate some of the frustration by guaranteeing a legendary to anyone who hears the Queen’s call. For those of you who don’t know who this is: she is the Awoken Queen who rules over the reef, the asteroid belt that has been riddled with the debris, of those who tried to enter.

At a point in the story you approach her for assistance. She helps, but in exchange for a favor whenever you are needed. The Queen’s Wrath event is her call for that favor to be returned. So gear up and follow these easy steps and you’ll soon have some purple items prettying up your inventory.

1. Seek Xander 99-40 in the Tower

If you’ve been playing Destiny for a while, you already know about the daily bounties available to you. These are a perfect way to boost your Vanguard and Crucible reputation as well as earn some much needed experience towards your skill trees and weapons. Queen’s Wrath adds some new bounties to the board to get you into good standing with the Queen’s emissary.

These bounties contain tasks for both story/exploration and Crucible. While they are largely similar to what’s available from both the Crucible and Vanguard, they ask for a bit more than what you would normally expect. For example, one of the bounties asks that you get 200 precision kills against the fallen when the game usually requests only 100.

While they may seem like your standard fare for bounties, they include one more reward that isn’t listed on the bounty description. Upon completion of the bounties you will receive a Queen’s Order. This is what makes these bounties necessary for the Queen’s Wrath event and bring you one step closer to legendary items.

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