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Ubisoft Touts Player Diversity, New Map For Ghost Recon Phantoms


Ubisoft Touts Player Diversity, New Map For Ghost Recon Phantoms

In case you missed it, Ghost Recon Phantoms was recently released to PC and Steam. The free-to-play multiplayer take on the tactical multiplayer of the Ghost Recon series, and effectively a gigantic re-do of Ghost Recon Online, has been rather successful for Ubisoft, becoming the third highest played free-to-play title on Steam. The game is actually quite a lot of good fun, and definitely worth a look if you’re into the series or in need of a tactical multiplayer fix.

Following up on that, Ubisoft and Phantoms producer Corey Facteau have announced today via press release that they will be celebrating the success of the game by releasing an updated version of Ghost Recon Online‘s fan favorite map Attica Heights. Facteau said; “Attica Heights Reloaded will make it more difficult for a team to keep control of the capture point, which will require teams to craft new strategies to hold control.”

Facteau also touted the diversity of the audience for Phantoms, focusing on its popularity in South America and Asia. He said; “We are seeing a lot of new players from countries where the game was already available during open beta, as well as from newly opened territories including Brazil and Argentina. We are also seeing a rise in popularity of the game in Asia, in particular Thailand, South Korea and Singapore, which is especially important to our team as Singapore is where the game was created.”

Well, good for them. Phantoms is some good fun, and its nice to see a developer take pride in reaching an audience bigger than just America. You can download Ghost Recon Phantoms for free on PC or Steam today, and if you’re a fan of the series, I say it goes highly recommended.

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