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Shadowrun Online Early Access Release Date Announced


Shadowrun Online Early Access Release Date Announced

Cliffhanger Productions’ Jan Wagner took to YouTube earlier today to address several questions fans and Kickstarter backers of Shadowrun Online had about the game.

The Q&A features questions that people have been asking the developers for quite awhile over the course of the game’s development. One of the main concerns with Shadowrun Online has currently been just how late the game is. The team expected to release the game in May 2013 but had to take more time in order to completely revamp the code, from scratch.

Shadowrun Online is coming out on Steam Early Access on March 31st. Wagner mentioned that the version being released contains many of the core elements of the game and certain PvP elements, but that the team is expecting to receive feedback and apply it in future builds. The Kickstarter backers will be part of an internal server that will be able to play newer builds of the game as they come out, but early access players should have similar access just later in the development cycle.

If you’d like the check out the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter page, you can do so here.

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