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Maya Breaker Kickstarter In Progress


Maya Breaker Kickstarter In Progress

The Kickstarter campaign for the indie game Maya Breaker is currently underway. This last week saw some updates to the campaign, including the news that the game is now up for critique on Steam Greenlight. The game is seeking to raise $10,630 by March 16 to aid with production. Reward tiers look pretty sweet with goodies ranging from a copy of the game to a 3D printed figurine of the game’s heroine.

Maya Breaker is a “swinging 16-bit era adventure platformer” that puts you in the shoes of Maya as she explores and fights her way through a series of underground caves. The game’s main mechanic revolves around Maya’s grappling hook that lets you swing and dangle your way through levels. The gameplay is centered around this mechanic, while allowing for boss fights and challenging puzzles to add flavor to experience.

Check out the Kickstarter Campaign or the developer‘s site for more details on this swinging adventure platformer.

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