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Spend a Romantic Night With the Valentine's Day Massacre GTA Online Update


Spend a Romantic Night With the Valentine's Day Massacre GTA Online Update

This Valentine’s Day, Rockstar knows you want something special. So after you dim the lights, pour a glass of wine, and put on some smooth jazz music, fire up your console of choice and update Grand Theft Auto V; its massacre time.

Friday’s GTA update will add a slew of new content to the game including weaponry, a vehicle, and new jobs. The best part? Everything is 1920s themed. Flappers, gangsters, the whole 9 yards. This includes new outfits such as double breasted suits, 1920s style flapper dresses, ‘sexy’ undergarments, and masquerade masks. Additionally, stores will have updated stock with new novelty t-shirts, hats, and more. Female characters can look forward to a new Flapper-Bob styled hair-do.

Gangster fashion would be nothing without gangster toys. Players will have access to iconic accessories from the time period such as the Gusenberg Sweeper tommy gun and the Albany Roosevelt armored limousine. The Gusenberg Sweeper will be available for purchase at any Ammu-Nation in GTA O but will magically appear in the inventories of Single Player characters. The Albany Roosevelt seats 4 inside, but the authentic experience comes from having players hang off the side of the car. Once again, this item is free for Single Player characters but must be bought via in-game for Online players.


Now that you’re all dressed up, time for a night on the town. The Valentine’s Day Massacre includes 10 new Jobs to be found and played around the world of GTA Online. New Deathmatches, a new Parachute Jump, and races of all types are scattered around the city.

This content is available for free for GTA Players, but only for a limited time. Once players have received the Valentine’s Day Massacre Special content it will stay with them, so best log in and download it just to be safe.

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