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Dota 2 Documentary "Free to Play" Gets Release Date


Dota 2 Documentary "Free to Play" Gets Release Date

After being the the works for about three years, Valve announced yesterday that their first documentary “Free to Play“, will be released on March 19th. Free to Play follows the lives of three professional Dota players as the train for The International, Valve’s annual Dota tournament.

Judging from the few trailers and shorts I’ve seen, Valve seems to have gone above and beyond in terms of production value. With Free to Play being free to anyone with Steam, I highly suggest you watch this film. Not only will you get a better understanding for Valve’s most played game, but also you will get to see how truly hard these men have worked to get where they are. Hopefully if all goes well, Valve will implement a film studio full time. More information can be found on the films official website.

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