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Dark Souls II on PC: Prepare to Die May 31


Dark Souls II on PC: Prepare to Die May 31

The console release of the highly anticipated Dark Souls II is just a little over a month away. On March 14th, expect countless PS3 and Xbox 360 users to call in sick from work or skip school: we’ll be home, greedily delving into the world of Drangleic, happily dying and cursing our TVs, while PC users look on wistfully.

It’s not very often that console gamers have the upper hand on the so-called “PC Master Race.” I can think of very few scenarios where I’m like “Hot DAMN am I glad to be a console gamer!” But getting a head-start on Dark Souls II is one of the rare instances when the PC Master Race can suck it.

FromSoftware has previously explained the delayed PC release: it’s to ensure that they don’t make a half-assed port. Good on them, I say. But there was no concrete date.

That is, until now. Recently an Amazon listing for a digital copy of Dark Souls II suggests that on May 31, 2014 the game will be available on PC. Keep in mind this is not an official FromSoftware press release, and Amazon listings have been wrong in the past. But there’s reason to believe that even if the date of May 31 isn’t correct, it’s probably pretty close.

That’s a difference of nearly 3 months. Which, for PC gamers, means 3 more months of anxiously waiting and trying to avoid spoilers. But for console gamers like me, it’s a 3 month head-start!

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