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The Ouya is Getting a Makeover


The Ouya is Getting a Makeover

The Ouya, ya know, that console that was Kickstart’d and was supposed to change the gaming industry? Yeah, that thing. Well, it’s getting a makeover that includes more storage, better Wi-Fi connectivity and a redesigned controller. The new model will double the 8GB of internal flash storage in the original model to 16GB, which is space you’ll probably never use since Towerfall is only 71Mb. The controller’s improvements consist of new buttons and analog sticks that, hopefully, eliminating the button sticking issue with the original controller. In addition, the controller and console are now draped in a black matte finish that gives the Ouya a sleek look the original model was sorely lacking. The new Ouya is being priced at $129, and is available today on Ouya’s website.

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