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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s First DLC Has Two Maps, Will Be Free


Killzone: Shadow Fall’s First DLC Has Two Maps, Will Be Free

Killzone: Shadow Fall may have met with somewhat of a lukewarm response earlier this year, but that hasn’t stopped developer Guerrilla Games from beginning its post-launch support strategies; today, they announced the first DLC for Shadow Fall, two new multiplayer maps that play to opposite sides of the multiplayer spectrum.

The first is The Hanger, a wide-open combat arena with long lines of sight and plenty of alternative routes to get around the sharpshooting-oriented players. It can be seen below;


Second on the docket is The Cruiser, a close-quarters combat arena built of compact corridors and choke points ripe for taking advantage of, set inside an abandoned ISA cruiser, hence the name. It is seen below.


While no precise release date other than soon has been given, it was announced that these two maps will be released for free to everyone, and that a more substantial DLC expansion is under development, though it is unknown if that means a full on story expansion or a more expansive multiplayer addition is forthcoming. Still on the fence about Killzone: Shadow Fall? Perhaps our review will make you quit sitting on a fence. That can’t be comfortable.

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