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DS Games Are Joining the Wii U Virtual Console?


DS Games Are Joining the Wii U Virtual Console?

Out of all of the strange and exciting news coming out of Nintendo last night, one of the tidbits that had people talking the most was a bizarre announcement made by Nintendo.

Apparently, the hurdles keeping DS software from running on a Wii U had finally been overcome allowing for emulatio of DS games on the system and gamepad.

That was… unexpected.

What this means is that Nintendo has plans to add DS games to the Virtual Console library soon, meaning that the classic handheld titles will soon be available for download and play on the gamepad, and hopefully even on the big TV screen. With the right support and pricing, this just could be enough to spark some new interest in the Wii U for old school players.

Plus, maybe it’ll give Feel the Magic: XX/XY a second chance to find new life with modern audiences.

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