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The Curse of the Undead in New Dark Souls II Trailer


The Curse of the Undead in New Dark Souls II Trailer

In case you missed it, last week Namco Bandai released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Dark Souls II. Not to sound like a fangirl, but it’s stunning, immediately evoking the beautiful yet foreboding atmosphere FromSoftware creates so well. The mysterious voice-over hints at the story, and provides a concrete name for the game’s setting: the fallen kingdom of Drangleic.

In Dark Souls, we learn that humanity is cursed: those branded with the Darksign are doomed to die and be reborn again, over and over, until they are driven mad and become hollow. This theme continues in its sequel, as the trailer confirms: “Bearer of the curse, seek misery.” To me, this proves that Dark Souls II is more than just a spiritual successor, and instead exists in the same universe.

We are then treated to a sneak peak of some of the enemies we will face: a giant mummy, a hippo-like beast, and what pretty much looks like the titular baddie from Diablo. Anyone who’s concerned that Dark Souls II won’t be as difficult as its predecessor(s) can cast those fears aside. The trailer ends with a warning that’s as poetic as it is eerie: “Your wings will burn in anguish time after time, for that is your fate.”

It’s a pretty accurate description of what it’s like to play a Souls game. Dark Souls II is scheduled to be released on March 14 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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