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The Walking Dead Season 2 Premier Out Today on PSN


The Walking Dead Season 2 Premier Out Today on PSN

Telltale Games’ much-awaited second season premier ‘episode’ of The Walking Dead, titled All That Remains, hit the Playstation Network today. Fans of the associated comics, television show, and game have been waiting for this one for a long time, and finally we have a chance to see what’s become of Clementine in the lapse since the ending of the game’s first season.

I’m holding off for a season pass offering, but I loved the first season of this and will definitely jump into this one when I can; I may pick up the gap-bridge DLC, 400 Days, before taking the plunge, too, since I haven’t had the chance for that yet. However you slice it, though, I think Telltale knocked it out of the park with the first season, so I’m definitely excited to see what new twists and turns the new episodes bring.

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