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A New Thief Trailer Appears


A New Thief Trailer Appears

A new Thief trailer is out for the world to consume, and it certainly is looking rather in vain with what we know of the series. That’s a good thing. In a world with Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, and Splinter Cell games running amok, it really is good to see a classic come into its the current generation.

I don’t know why, but of all the things in the game, I’m most excited to try out the candle snuffing mechanics. That just looks like it could be fun to mess with.

Other than the game, Square Enix plans to also release a companion application for both Android and iOS devices at $2.99 that will allow you to track your game stats, check a guide and look at some art assets. That’s fine and all if you want that, but the real deal for most will be getting Thief issues 1 and 2 on the device. This will be added as a pre-order incentive through Gamestop along with the game’s soundtrack and the DLC mission “Bank Heist.”

Thief is going to come out February 25th, 2014 so get hyped.

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