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Steam Reaches 7 Million Concurrent Users


Steam Reaches 7 Million Concurrent Users

Yesterday, Steam set a personal record for most users online at once. The count broke through 7 million at around 10am EST and peaked at 7,190,425 by noon. That is a ton of people. All of this data is stored over on Steam’s Webpage. The graph only shows the last 48 hours, but the stats below it record the numbers of both current and peak usage.

Valve has been seeing some healthy growth. Back in October, Steam boasted 65 million users. A year prior they only had 50 million registered users. That’s a 30% growth. With prospects like Steam Machines and Steam OS on the horizon, this number will only rise.

7 million people. That’s roughly the population of Hong Kong or Bulgaria. Or more than the population of at least 140 individual countries in the world.

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