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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in Odyssey


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane in Odyssey

The next generation of consoles are here, and to celebrate Ebuyer has released Odyssey, a free online side-scroller that doubles as a lesson in the history of videogames. The protagonist is beta testing a virtual reality headset when a glitch causes the computer to regress to “primitive” graphics and mechanics, or in other words, the yesteryear of gaming. To repair the computer’s memory, you must collect all 102 game consoles, many of which I’d never even heard of, having been relegated to the annals of gaming history.

While this 2D run-and-jump platformer is nothing special, the concept is charming. There are seven unlockable levels, each corresponding to a generation in console gaming. From Atari aesthetics to the golden age of the NES and beyond, Odyssey allows you to see firsthand how much games have changed over the past decades. As you take this trip down memory lane, you can learn plenty about videogame history. And it’s got great music. Check out Odyssey for free here.

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