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[E3] Preview: Star Wars 1313


[E3] Preview: Star Wars 1313

We walked into a spaceship. No, not within the game. The actual preview was shown to us within a spaceship room. It. Was. Amazing. I may have been the only person there extremely excited for the amount of work they put into that room. Keith and Brett can even tell you that I was more excited about the fact that the press assets were given to us in a Star Wars looking usb card. Yes, communications is my favorite thing ever.

But once the lights dimmed and the shuttered “windows” opened up to reveal LCD screens showing views of space, I lost my mind.

Star Wars 1313 looked cool, too I guess.

Star Wars 1313 follows a bounty hunter in the worst sector of the galaxy, 1313. It’s a much more mature and grittier look into the Star Wars franchise. I’ll come right out and say it; it looks like Uncharted in space. So if that turns out to be true, then it will be a good game. It’s not looking to be ground breaking, it’s not even looking to be original. But it is looking to be a good game. So if that’s your kind of thing…

The preview we were shown involved a placeholder character, they said they weren’t ready to reveal the actual main character to us yet. Beforehand, we had been treated to a video showing behind the scenes motion capture work done for the cutscenes of 1313. The character animations as a result conveyed the actors’ emotions very well, though not precisely. It was almost uncanny valley territory, but not quite there.

The demo we were shown had our main character and his ally being attacked in a ship. The shooting mechanics were shown off and looked pretty solid. Cover system seems to be a huge part and without any force powers, your character will be relying heavily on his gun. There was an attack that he was doing that looked an awful lot like force push though maybe in bullet form. It would daze the enemy and push them right off the ship when they were close enough to the ledge. The sound effect sounded like a copy paste from Mass Effect’s biotic moves.

The next scene showed that our heroes were in trouble as their ship just gets totally wrecked and is falling at an alarming rate. The ally makes it out okay but the main character somehow finds himself falling out and hanging by a thread onto the ship. This is what made me think Uncharted: IN SPAAAACE! He has to climb up and the animations are exactly Nathan Drake’s as he climbs. You reach over, presumably press the jump button, and he jumps to where you’re reaching on a ledge. It’s a linear path up the wing until he finally makes it all the way to the top to reunite with his buddy. Who left him to climb for himself. What a swell guy.

The demo shown was incredibly short but if what we saw is any indication of what Star Wars 1313 will be all about I’d say a lot of “No way!” moments as you hang from the thread off of ships and shoot aliens in the face. Hopefully despite them saying there were no force powers (which I swear I saw one used), there will be special bullets that are a lot like them. Now if only there was a sword that was basically a lightsaber, too…


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