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[E3] Metro: Last Light Emerges From the Darkness


[E3] Metro: Last Light Emerges From the Darkness

Metro: 2033 will never win any points for its originality. 4A Games’ subterranean shooter wore its influences on its sleeve: Equal parts Fallout, STALKER, and Doom 3. What it did bring to the table however was a game that had great shooting mechanics, terrifying enemies, and one of the more immersive game worlds I’ve visited in a long time. This week at E3 Metro: Last Light, 4A Games’ follow-up, is being shown. Huw Beynon, 4A’s Head of Studio Communications, spoke about how the sequel improves on some of the original’s flaws and discusses its bold new direction.


One of the things that Metro: 2033 did really well was evoke a sustained sense of tension and unease in the player. It’s heartening to see them playing to that strength by ramping up the survival aspects. There are a lot of potential gameplay and narrative possibilities in an environment where, as the Community Manager said, “everything is a commodity: Air, light, shelter, ammunition…” — particularly in Co-op and Multiplayer. Forget about hoarding health packs; imagine being ‘that guy’ who uses up all the air! Oh, the griefing possibilities…

Metro: Last Light is slated for release in Spring 2013.



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