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[E3] Hands-On Preview: Devil May Cry


[E3] Hands-On Preview: Devil May Cry

After being turned away and denied tickets to go see Resident Evil 6, we figured, “Why not see DMC.” So we did just that. I’m a newcomer to the series, so I didn’t really know what to expect. What I got certainly didn’t disappoint, but it also didn’t blow me away either. For the most part, I’ll talk about the mechanics, and how I felt about them, and what I saw from the sidelines while we had to make a meeting.

First and foremost, this is a hack and slash, and it is not much deeper than that. Learning combos, while I’m sure is a big part of the game, was certainly not necessary to the demo. You have three main methods of attacks; normal, angel, and devil attacks. Certain enemies are more immune to angel attacks, and the same bodes for devil attacks. Each set of attacks does different style attacks, and when you can manage to combine the both of them, the combat becomes ultra satisfying. Every time you slash your demon-hammer type weapon, you can really feel the strength of every hit, and it’s ever so satisfying.

The world around you in this demo is an interesting one. It appears that certain dimensions are spilling over into your world, and everything around

you has an out-of-world characteristic, at least from first glance. The city-like landscape all of a sudden becomes warping around you, closing you in and making you race to the end. The jumping mechanics to reach further ledges is a bit wonky, and too floaty for my liking, but works well when combined with the angel gliding mechanic.

Probably the biggest change, according to veterans of the series, is Dante. He is a young, arrogant teenager, probably in his late teens, who seems to think it’s all a blast. His lackadaisical attitude towards slaying demons is a bit condescending, but almost enthralling to see if there will be any surprises that may taunt and thrill Dante in new ways. It goes without saying that he’s an interesting character, and certainly smooth with the ladies.

From the sidelines, I got to see a boss fight, which was gigantic. It didn’t seem to involve any real strategy, and just seemed really easy. The thing towered over Dante, quite reminiscent of such hack and slash games featuring an unnamed God of War *cough*.

Overall, was I impressed? No. But I was entertained. There were some tedious platforming sections here and there, and honestly, I don’t see the gameplay changing up from the demo too much for the full game, hence bringing some repetition in the final product. Overall, though, it’s a satisfying hack and slash, and will bring veterans and newcomers alike. The full game comes January 15, 2013.


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