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[E3] ArmA III is on the Show Floor at E3


[E3] ArmA III is on the Show Floor at E3

E3 is a venue not exactly known for its attention to PC gamers; as years have gone by it has become a decidedly console-centered event. However, one of PC gaming’s most anticipated and hardcore titles is on display on the show floor: ArmA III. Its predecessor is currently the reigning champion when it comes to military simulators with its small but thriving community, as well as its incredible replayability via modding. While ArmA III is still technically in Alpha, Bohemia Interactive is demonstrating a playable demo on the E3 show floor at Booth 457. Based on the video they released a few days ago in preparation for their demonstration, it looks absolutely stunning.


The improvements in how the game looks and plays is reminiscent of early footage of Skyrim compared to Oblivion. Whether that plays out in ArmA III’s final product, time will tell though.

Source: Operation A3: Electronic Entertainment Expo

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