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Fortnite Battle Royale: Best New Map Multi Chest Spawn Locations


Fortnite Battle Royale: Best New Map Multi Chest Spawn Locations

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The Clock Tower


Note: From what we can tell, all areas of the old map that featured multi chest spawn locations remain the same. Feel free to check out our previous guide here.

For handy images highlighting the location of every single chest across the new map of Fortnite Battle Royale, click here.

We’ll be keeping this post updated in the coming weeks as we find more double and triple chest spawns located in the new areas of the map.

Let’s get the glaringly obvious one out of the way. Anyone that has checked out Tilted Towers from the air will have seen the glistening orange glow coming from the clock tower. Two chests almost always spawn here. Beware, though, as you’d expect, the clock tower is a big bright beacon for anyone that’s gliding down in the area, and it’s typically swarming with players (as you can see from our screenshot).

What we will say is that if the Battle Bus doesn’t take you close to Tilted Towers, the clock tower makes a nice defendable fort in the mid/late game that comes packed with loot.

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