Top 10 Most Memorable Pokemon Battles That Trainers Will Never Forget

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10. Rival (Red/Blue)

Pokemon Rival

Your first battle! After listening to the boasting and bragging of your arrogant rival, it was time to finally put your Poke-money where your Poke-mouth was, taking these frightened, fledgling critters and putting their skills to the test. For this entry, we’re omitting Pokemon Yellow, because part of the appeal of this battle was the realization that your rival had taken a beast that had an advantage over your own, and would pose a constant threat to you throughout your adventure.

The low HP and shallow movepool made this affray even more tense, though you were fortunately aided by the questionable AI, which surmised that the best way of downing your Bulbasaur was by constantly growling at it.

This is one of the few fights where defeat doesn’t directly cause the protagonist to lose consciousness, but bragging rights suggested that your pride couldn’t stand to take the blow.

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