7 Switch Games You’ll Likely Miss in the Rest of 2017 but Really Shouldn’t

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Snipperclips was one of the launch titles for the Switch that surprised us in the best way possible. Who knew that cutting up your friend into different-shaped pieces to solve puzzles would be one of the best things ever? Snipperclips was one of the most fun experiences available on the Switch from day one. If you’ve managed to experience everything that the cooperative puzzler had to offer, then be ready, because Snipperclips Plus is coming and it will give players 30 new stages and brand new modes as well.

This is technically an expansion to the original game, but it will be getting a physical/digital standalone release, which is why we’re including it on this list. This is the perfect excuse to get back into the game, or an even bigger reason to try out the game for the first time.

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