Stardew Valley’s Upcoming Multiplayer Content Will Affect Single-Player, Too

More Stardew Valley is always a good thing.

Stardew Valley is getting a pretty big content injection soon in the shape of additional goodies that will be coming with the new multiplayer mode. Developer Eric Barone, or @ConcernedApe on Twitter, stated that he’s currently working on new content that will also “affect single player, too!” though he didn’t offer a release date at this time.

So even if you’re not interested in playing with others and instead prefer your own single-player farming outings, there should be some new, fun stuff to check out when the update finally hits. Barone answered one fan who inquired about console versions of the game if they’d be getting the content as well, stating the the new update would “probably” come to PC first. If you’re still playing Stardew Valley, make sure you slot some time in your schedule for these new things!


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