Star Wars Battlefront II Has Critics and Netizens at Each End of the Metacritic Review Spectrum

A literal battlefield.

Star Wars Battlefront II has picked up quite a bit of controversy over the past few days, and it seems like the heat won’t be dying down anytime soon. Despite the countless complaints from netizens, the game seems to be doing well in terms of critical reviews on Metacritic.

Despite earning “favorable reviews” with a 77 Metacritic score, it only has a meager 1.0 user score. Several online publications praise the game for being a great follow up to its predecessor and having an actual single-player mode that “honors Star Wars.” Users, on the other hand, berate the game for its “pay-to-win” microtransactions.

“Pay2Win is an absolute deal killer for me no matter how small the microtransaction. I’m disappointed because I was really looking forward to this release for a while. Definitely will not waste my money or time encouraging this sort of gaming design. It’s nauseating,” a user wrote. This is only one of the many 0 scores netizens have given Star Wars Battlefront II, and take note that the game hasn’t even launched yet.

EA is supposedly working on toning down the whole microtransaction issue, but they are requesting fans to remain patient about it. The Star Wars Battlefront II issue has blown up so much that even Blizzard is poking fun at the whole fiasco. For more information about the game, you can check out our review.


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