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Star Wars Battlefront II Fans “Need to Be Patient” According to EA

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Fans “Need to Be Patient” According to EA

EA seeks to improve on experiences and “monetize that along the way.”

EA’s Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen addressed the “chatter” surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II’s implementation of microtransactions during the UBS Global Technology Conference 2017 in San Francisco recently.

Jorgensen explained that the company is currently building a live service that will constantly introduce new ways to entice fans to play, with plans to regularly introduce content into Star Wars Battlefront II so as to keep the experience fresh. This service is, according to the CFO, “all about constantly watching, listening to, and reacting to the community to try to develop great gameplay.”

Keeping this in mind, Jorgensen explains that “people need to be patient, but also really understand” that the company is trying its best to fine tune the newest Battlefront to consumers’ liking. Today’s gaming landscape fortunately allows for titles to be constantly improved upon, so EA is working to hear complaints and deliver on satisfaction.

This being said, “engagement” remains an important factor for the company’s games going forward. EA wishes to find and maintain that in which gamers love, but also seek out ways to “improve their experience and monetize that along the way.” The consumer, after all, “doesn’t mind that” so long as he or she gets to “go deeper and spend longer with the game than they ever did before.”

Live events are much more pivotal in today’s gaming world than they were in the past according to Jorgensen, and consumers don’t talk so much about “playing the game” itself as they do about “playing the live services.” EA feels there’s “incredible value” to be found here both for gamers and the industry’s creators.

The CFO’s speech comes after EA received the distinction of owning Reddit’s most downvoted comment ever.

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