Check out the Official Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Box Art and Useful Battle Guides

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Learn your moves.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is only a few months away and Square Enix has been shelling out some more tidbits about the game. They’ve just shared the western box art for the game, along with some battle guides to help you brush up your combat skills, as per Gematsu. The box art featuring Warrior of Light, Lightning, and Cloud Strife will be used for both the standard and Ultimate Collector’s editions in America and Europe.

Meanwhile, the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT battle guides include some tutorial graphics that explain some of the basic skills, like dodging and targetting enemies. There are also a few tips for more advanced techniques, such as dash canceling and wall pining.

The upcoming game is the third entry in the Dissidia spinoff series that brings together several iconic heroes from the Final Fantasy franchise. This new installment features 3v3 battles, a different story, and some new modes for players to enjoy.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is slated to release on Jan. 30 next year for the PS4. Check out the box art and guides in the gallery below to find out more:


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