Destiny 2: The Trials of the Nine Event Is Here and Showcased in a Short Teaser Trailer

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What are you doing? Get in there, Guardian!

The Trials of the Nine are here and live, Destiny 2 fans! And although the teaser trailer doesn’t give you any hints, tips, or tricks on how to best take advantage of the new in-game event, it’s pretty to look at, to say the least.

This is the second event Destiny 2 has brought to the newly released game, following behind the recent Leviathan raid that launched just two days ago on Sept. 13. So gamers didn’t have to wait long for the next major event to go live today. The Trials of the Nine are advertised as “high intensity Crucible combat,” and are replacing the Trials of Osiris that was seen in Destiny, the first title in the franchise, and will pit player against player. If these Trials are anything like the ones for Osiris, gamers will need to complete a crucible run or short story mission before being allowed into the main event which per the schedule, will be Countdown. After this round of Countdown will be two Survivals, one on Altar of Flame and the other on Emperor’s Respite. So although the teaser is short and cryptic with no real details on what to expect, the clues are there that tell players what to plan for during the rest of this month.

So ready your Fireteams and pick your allies wisely so that you have a fighting chance not just for today’s event, but for the complete run of the Trials of the Nine. And lastly, good luck!

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