3 Overwatch Trophies Way Easier to Nab Since Launch, and 2 That Got More Challenging

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Offensive Overwatch character Pharah has a trophy that tasks you with killing four enemies in a row without touching the ground while in Quick or Competitive play. When the game first launched, Pharah had a much harder time staying in the air then she does now. Although her Jump Jet ability remains the same, back in November 2016 her hover jets got a huge buff that drastically changed her mobility.

Her lift while hovering is now 35% more effective, meaning she can stay in the air for a noticeably longer time. Before this buff, getting four consecutive kills while airborne meant using her ult at opportune moments. Nowadays, getting the Death From Above trophy just requires you to be a helpful Pharah player, finishing off kills while your teammates fight on the ground and alternating hovering with your Jump Jets to stay up, making this trophy now one of the easiest in the game.

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