8 Most Anticipated Nintendo Games Still to Come in 2017

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Splatoon 2 – July 21 (Switch)

Most Anticipated Nintendo Games Still to Come in 2017

Nintendo has been on a roll in 2017 ever since the company released its latest console, the handheld/home console hybrid Nintendo Switch. Since then, the gaming giant has released at least one huge, critically acclaimed game per month, and as we go into the second half of the year it doesn’t look like they have any intention of slowing down. Summer 2017 gets players into some wild fun with Splatoon 2, the sequel to the hit third-person, team-based shooter.

This isn’t just the first game with a 2 tacked on, though. There’re tons of new features to enjoy this time around such as deep customization, new game modes, new weapons, and larger battles. Also, the fact that the Switch doubles as a handheld means you can actually take all the Squidling mayhem on the go and play with people just about anywhere in the world as long as your battery has some juice left. If there’s only one game you keep on your radar for throughout the sweltering summer heat, let it be Splatoon 2. 

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