Super Mario Odyssey Is the Followup to Sunshine We’ve Been Waiting For

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nintento, e3 2017

Super Mario Odyssey is the talk of the town at E3 2017. It’s on the lanyards, every 10th person is wearing a Cappy hat, and lines to check it out at the Nintendo booth are as long as the eye can see. Luckily we got some time to check out two levels in its new playable E3 demo, and one thing stood out clear as day – holy moly this game reminds us of Super Mario Sunshine.

Released back in 2002 (yes, feel old), Super Mario Sunshine took players to Isle Delfino and felt like a fresh new entry in the series that was jam-packed with charm and new spins on classic Mario platformer gameplay with a whole array of new moves. In a lot of ways, Super Mario Odyssey is reminiscent of this past title, which is just fine as Sunshine is the perfect game to draw inspiration from for the Switch’s first Mario title.

Without further ado, a tip of the cap as we present the four ways Super Mario Odyssey is extremely reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine.

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