Monster Hunter Stories Has a European Release Date, but Still No Word for North America

Monster Hunter Stories

Hopefully the NA date coincides with the EU one.

Monster Hunter Stories released in Japan late last year, the spin-off of the monster hunting franchise drives the series to a whole different avenue with turn-based combat and with a cel-shaded, kid-friendly art style. Earlier this year, we got the news that the game would be coming West sometime in the fall of 2017; just today, Capcom and Nintendo announced that game will be launching on Sep. 8 in Europe.

Monster Hunter Stories lets players take on the role of a Rider instead of the typical Hunter. You’ll be hatching monsters and using them in turn-based battles – leveling them up, customizing them, and riding on them throughout the world. Stories also features Amiibo support, which is a first for a Monster Hunter game. The Amiibo will unlock special monsters and other bonus content.

Take a look at the trailer for Monster Hunter Stories that will surely tickle your fancy:

Monster Hunter Stories launches on Sep. 8 in Europe for the 3DS. A release date for North America has yet to be confirmed.


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