Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: 6 New Things We Learned at E3 2017

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Strategic, Turn-Based Combat

With a Mario and Rabbids crossover, it’s fair to say that fans weren’t exactly expecting Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle to bring with it some deep, strategic combat. However, that’s exactly what the game has done.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has two different modes – combat and adventure. In adventure mode, players are able to explore the beautifully detailed worlds that bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life. However, in combat mode, players will engage in battles against all manner of Rabbids in small arena-like stages. With cover, limited movements, and a range of unique weapons and abilities, the game has an XCOM feel about its combat. While we’ve yet to see exactly how it plays for ourselves, the gameplay reveal that the game got certainly has us intrigued.

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