What Is Going to Be Shown at Tomorrow’s Pokemon Direct? Let’s Predict

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Pokemon Stars

Pokemon Sun and Moon, solgaleo, lunala, legendary

Nintendo has officially announced a Pokemon Direct airing tomorrow morning, just before the start of E3. It’s a short show, clocking in at only eight minutes, but there’s sure to be some kind of surprise announcement that’ll get fans excited. Here’s a few ideas on what we could see tomorrow.

First and foremost the thing we could see is an updated version and/or port of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Before the launch of the Switch, rumors were plentiful about a Pokemon Stars. Considering most games in the series have gotten a third edition, adding on new content, it’s certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

All signs pointed to Stars being announced for Switch, but Nintendo’s presentation came and went without any kind of Pokemon announcement. With the huge success and positive reception to Sun and Moon, it makes sense that Nintendo might want to make their game available on their hot new console. Stars would also be a good, and somewhat easy, way to tide fans over while they wait for a brand new entry in the franchise.

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