4 Microsoft Titles We Really Should Have More Information On By Now

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Below is a fascinating looking indie game that seems a bit like a combination between Dark Souls and a roguelike. You explore a randomly generated environment as you travel deeper below a mountain, and of course, if you die it’s permanent. Sadly, it’s been four years since Below’s announcement, but we still hardly know any more about it now than we did back then.

Years have gone by with only a few short trailers to tell us about the game, and no kind of release date of even a release window. The last piece of info we received on Below was last Summer, when Capybara Games announced they’d be indefinitely delaying the game, which was supposed to release Summer 2016. Now, fast forward to this E3 and we still don’t have any more information after Microsoft’s press conference.

At this point, it seems like we may never find out more about Below. Of course we will, but there’s been such a slow drip of information and delay after delay, making Below feel like a far-off dream.

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