4 Microsoft E3 Announcements That Could Give Them The Upper Hand

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Low Price For Scorpio

Of course, it goes without saying that Microsoft will focus on it’s newest hardware, The Scorpio. Many of the games that are demonstrated on-stage during their conference will most likely be played on The Scorpio, as well as cutscenes, battles, and the like. A price is not yet known for this machine that promises to be one of the most, if not the most, advanced gaming console of our time.

With some fans predicting a price closer to $600 and above, if The Scorpio does have a price point much higher than the PS4 Pro, many who may have been looking to add the console to their collections may wait or won’t pick it up at all. However, if their price for the powerhouse is more in line with what game analyst, Michael Patcher has in mind, Scorpio may be at $399. If it is only $399, it will be sitting at the same MSRP as the PS4 Pro which, at this point, would be The Scorpio’s main competition in the console world. 

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