Nintendo Spills the Details on Character Stats During the ARMS Testpunch


Check out who’s the most popular fighter.

Nintendo launched the global test-punch for their new fighting game, ARMS, this past weekend. During this global online demo, players are able to join online matches for a limited amount of time on set days and time periods. There were multiple characters and ARMS to choose from during the demo so Nintendo decided to track the stats and have announced which characters have been used the most.

According to the Japanese Twitter page for ARMS, the quick and nimble fighter that is Ninjara was the most popular fighter over the weekend, being closely followed by the noodle-wielding warrior, Min Min. Nintendo also mentioned that players who used Mechanica had the highest win percentage over all of the other fighters.

If you want to check out the ARMS test-punch, there’s still time! There are three more play-dates for North America coming up: June 2, June 3, and June 4. You can see the times for the test-punch right here.

ARMS launches exclusively for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on June 16.


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