All 5 Overwatch Seasonal Event Brawls, Ranked from Worst to Best

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After nearly a year since the initial release of Overwatch, new and free content is still releasing at a steady pace. New characters, skins, and other cosmetic items keep players coming back to grind for loot boxes and climb through the ranks in competitive, but arguably the biggest draw of all is the seasonal events Overwatch hosts with hundreds of exclusive items and a special brawl that takes normal game modes and gives them a unique spin.

Just this week, the latest seasonal event Uprising marked the fifth Overwatch event since launch, and the latest brawl along with it has fans clambering for an Overwatch campaign mode.

So which event brawls have made the Overwatch experience even better? And which have missed the mark? Here are the five seasonal Overwatch event brawls released thus far ranked from worst to best.

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