What Is Mass Effect Andromeda? Everything You Need to Know

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A New Setting and Story

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Commander Shepard’s story was officially wrapped up with Mass Effect 3, so Andromeda has to take the series in a brand new direction. The title revolves around a program called the Andromeda Initiative, which sent giant star ships filled with inhabitants in cryosleep to the Andromeda galaxy. The goal was for humanity and the other council races to find new, inhabitable planets. This means all new locations, planets, and even alien races to encounter.

Andromeda technically takes place 600 years after the end of Mass Effect 3. However, the Andromeda galaxy is so far removed from the Milky Way that the effects from the events of the original trilogy can barely be seen. There may be mention of Shepard and some events, as well as topics like the Krogan Genophage. Other than that though, you’ll be exploring new locations with an entirely new cast of characters.

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