The Best Nintendo Consoles: All 10 Ranked from Worst to First

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10. Virtual Boy


The Virtual Boy was Nintendo’s only foray into the 32-bit console space, but this was no ordinary home console. It was, in fact, the world’s first commercial VR unit. The Virtual Boy projected stereoscopic 3D graphics through a headset with a parallax effect that created a depth of field to its graphics. It was an impressive piece of technology that was perhaps too ahead of its time, because as cutting edge as it was back in 1991, Nintendo was forced to make cost-saving compromises which prevented it from realizing its potential.

Even the appearance of Nintendo’s most iconic characters couldn’t save the Virtual Boy from commercial failure. In combination with its low volume of games, high price point, and failure to deliver on the potential of its design, the Virtual Boy was deemed a flop and was subsequently discontinued less than a year after launch. 

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