6 Great 3DS Games That Could Reach Their Full Potential on the Switch

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Kid Icarus Nintendo

Pit’s high-flying adventure game on the Nintendo 3DS was the first time we saw him star in his own game in 21 years. The title retained the light-hearted elements of the first Kid Icarus, but added way more personality to Pit’s character. The game was pretty well-received and sold over a million copies, but the control scheme was a big problem; playing Uprising literally made your hands feel terrible, even after short play sessions. Porting this title over to the Nintendo Switch would do it nothing but justice.

Kid Icarus: Uprising revived one of Nintendo’s forgotten franchises and showed that an online multiplayer shooter could flourish on the 3DS. Being able to play Uprising with two control sticks instead of an uncomfortable stylus control scheme would be monumental to the overall comfort of playing for long periods of time. Updated visuals, a fully fleshed out multiplayer, and better controls would make this third-person shooter a top contender for Nintendo’s new hybrid console.

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