10 Things to Do in Horizon Zero Dawn as Soon as You Get It

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Find a Tallneck


Exploring the world in Horizon Zero Dawn and being able to pinpoint where different activities are is something made far simpler if you override a Tallneck. As these towering machines store a ton of data about the environments in their heads, Aloy can remove a chunk of the fog of war from your map, and add activity markers for the surrounding area.

Not only will this help you find more interesting things to explore in Horizon Zero Dawn, but you’ll also get to truly take in the beauty of the game. What’s more, actually navigating your way to the top of these are fun mini-puzzles focus around Aloy’s climbing ability. There are a good few Tallnecks to override in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the first one will open up a good portion of the map to get you started.

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