Which Assassin From Assassin’s Creed Shares Your DNA? Take the Quiz to Find Out

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Have you done any traveling?

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Assassins. Though they come from all walks of life and lived in different times, they all share one common goal: to live in the dark to serve the light They work to preserve artifacts from our ancestors, the pieces of Eden.

Today you’ll take your first steps into the animus and relive the events of one assassin and their journey through their genetic memories, but first, we need to determine whose lineage you are most compatible with. This will only be a few short questions, so bear with us while we assess you.

Please remember to click the answer you wish to select instead of the blue arrow buttons, as this will lead to incorrect or unstable results.

For your first question, we’ll keep it nice and simple. Have you ever traveled outside of your state/country?


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