Valve Is Working on Secret Games, Here’s What They Could Be

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Valve Corporation Headquarters

It’s not often that we hear from Valve. It’s been ten long years since the last Half-Life game, and Portal (if you’re not counting The Lab) hasn’t had a decent installment since 2011. It seems a focus has switched to supporting their multiplayer games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and DOTA 2, which within themselves hold micro-economies, million dollar esports tournaments and a whole subculture to boot.

This is why it’s important to really pick apart the communication we do get, which is notoriously sparse when it comes to their main franchises. Luckily, last week we got a pretty eye-opening Ask Me Anything on Reddit from Gabe Newell, the main figurehead at Valve. He was somewhat cryptic, but also revealing in some of his answers, so let’s take a look at what he said and figure out what Valve could be working on behind closed doors.

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