5 Nintendo Remakes That Would Sell the Switch Like Hotcakes

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Okay, yes, Ocarina of Time has already been remastered and ported to the 3DS in recent years, but it wasn’t a complete overhaul. While the visuals were certainly polished up for Ocarina’s handheld debut, we can’t help but wonder what a completely remade, HD Ocarina of Time would look like.

Exploring the lush greenery of the Forest Temple, or watching embers sail past Link’s head in Dodongo Cavern would certainly be a treat. And let’s not forget about how pretty Zora’s Domain would look. With Breath of the Wild due to release on the Switch, it’d be great to let long-term fans of the series and newcomers alike witness not only one of the highest points in the series, but one of the most revolutionary games of its generation.

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