Everything You Can Expect to See at the Nintendo Switch Event This Week

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Third-Party Announcements


It’s no secret that Nintendo could really do with third-party support to deliver on the Nintendo Switch. Despite the likes of EA, Warner Brothers, and Ubisoft vowing support for the Wii U, it didn’t take long before they gave up and sought more fruitful profits from their biggest properties on the more powerful Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo looks set to ensure that doesn’t happen again, dropping a couple of hints in the Switch’s reveal trailer.

Fans can clearly see some sort of NBA basketball game being played on the Switch in the trailer, as well as Bethesda’s Skyrim. The latter garnered a lot of attention, partly due to the Switch being the first Nintendo system to benefit from Bethesda’s support.

You can bet your bottom dollar, then, that Nintendo will be making waves with third-party announcements in its Switch event with the biggest and best studios around. There’s been a rumored Mario and Raving Rabbids crossover, the aforementioned Skyrim, and a ton of third-parties signed up that could all have some exciting projects coming for the Switch.

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