The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Microsoft Could Make in 2017

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Keep Up the Backwards Compatibility Additions

Xbox One

Since it was revealed that the Xbox One would begin building a library of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles in June 2015, Microsoft has consistently worked on adding titles to make it a seriously impressive roster. From Red Dead Redemption to the entire Mass Effect trilogy, there’s a good chance that your favorite 360 titles are now playable on your Xbox One.

Of course, while many of the major titles are now accounted for on the Xbox One, Microsoft still has a good chunk of smaller 360 titles that still need the backward compatibility treatment. Microsoft shouldn’t take their foot off the gas in 2017 when it comes to bolstering the library. If it continues with the rate that it added games in 2016, fans will be able to play nearly 40% of the 360 library on their Xbox One by the end of 2017. Not bad at all.

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